The metaverse of culture!

Visit, buy and trade in the world's first authenticated & licensed cultural metaverse.

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First time in the metaverse?
Or maybe you want to experience art in a new innovative way? You are in the right place.

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Are you an art enthusiast? Or an investor? You can collect authenticated NFTs from physical museums and institutions consisting of paintings, sculptures and more, which grant real-life utilities like lifelong free access to museums all over the world, access to exclusive events and collector pieces.

Or buy, rent out and sell land parcels with limited locations next to the most famous museums and monuments.

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If you feel like contributing to a decentralised world, you have the chance to get creative and design and sell buildings, assets and more.

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Are you an artist or a cultural institution? Display your content in an immersive, virtual world.
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About Us

Metaseum is the metaverse of culture. A digital space where you can visit all museums and galleries around the world in one place - from the comfort of your home.

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