Offer your visitors a new immersive way to experience your art. Without physical restrictions like gravity, there are no experience limitations for your visitors. Let them walk into the Mona Lisa and explore the landscape behind her, talk to the subject of a painting or the painter himself, bungee jump from the Eiffel Tower, get tactile with sculptures that are too fragile to touch in real-life and create a space where they can meet up with friends from all over the world.

Be part of the future

Reach and attract new visitors (especially from the younger generation) and reward loyal visitors by offering them an exclusive membership.

Why your institution should join the metaverse.

The metaverse is one of the biggest topics at the moment. And while it is a trend, it is definitely here to stay. Reach younger audiences and enter a new market covering the whole world.

Under the age of 16
Daily active users on Roblox
Estimated market value
(2030 Citi predictions)
Average time spent in a metaverse by 2028

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Browse our set of features

There is no platform out there that covers the needs of cultural institutions like we do. Ultra HD image quality and 3D scanning make it possible to see every detail of the art.

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Browser app

No need to download an app or software - our metaverse is accessible directly through the browser.

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Cloud rendering & Unreal Engine

See every brush stroke and have the best image quality, no matter what device you are using, thanks to Unreal Engine and cloud rendering technology.

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Multiple users

Meet up and interact with art enthusiasts from all over the world or give tours to your visitors. Use the density slider if the space gets too crowded.

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Get closer to your visitors and offer unique memberships or digital artworks in the form of NFTs.

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E-commerce platform

The museum shop is part of every visit. We are bringing this to the metaverse with our integrated e-commerce platform. Display the articles in 3D and forward customers directly to your website.

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Security is our priority. With the help of blockchain technology, we can ensure the highest security standards on our platform.

Reach new revenue streams and visitor groups

With the metaverse being accessible worldwide, there are no limitations for your audience. People can visit your institution without having to travel far or increasing their CO2 footprint. With our ticketing system you will not miss out on any income.

Get a custom design

Do you want to build your own vision? We can help you create a tailor-made building according to your needs. Or integrate your own Unreal Engine model.
There are no limits to your creativity as the metaverse as unlimited space and no physical constraints.

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What does this mean for your institution?

Art Museum

Display all of your collections.

Exhibit digital art.

Attract younger visitors.

Get more traction.

Make exhibitions interactive.

Be more accessible.


Turn one-time visitors into loyal members.

Create a digital museum showcasing the history of the monument.

Travel in time and showcase the monument in different decades.

Eliminate long waiting queues.


Position yourself next to the most famous institutions and get exposure.

Expand your market reach to worldwide.

Sell both digital and physical art.

Exhibit your work digitally and sell directly in-app.

Create interactive experiences.

Exhibit remotely.

Science and other museums

Showcase your content in a three dimensional space.

Create interactive experiences.

Be accessible for schools all over the world.

Offer playful learning experiences.

Interact with other researchers and study projects together.