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By the Aquarium de Paris
unique 3D modeled NFTs representing the 60 species of jellyfish of the Aquarium de Paris. As the first scientifically accurate NFT collection ever launched, the traits symbolise the characteristics of the different species and give each NFT its own rarity.

The NFT represents an exclusive membership of the Aquarium de Paris and grants free access to the Aquarium, events throughout the whole year and discounts on merchandise, while supporting marine life preservation.
  • unlimited free entrance to the Aquarium de Paris for one person
  • 15% discount for your friends who joins you
  • 15% discount on the restaurant
  • 15% discount on merchandise (excl. books)
  • win guided tours at the Aquarium
  • free access to the metaverse space of the Aquarium with many perks
  • free access to future physical events (private dinner & networking drinks)
  • Be the first to get access to future collections
Launch Event
On the 16th of December 2022 we launched the NFT collection at the Aquarium and 140 people from the guest-list came to celebrate this historical moment.

The afterparty took place at
L’aQuarium le club, which is one of the most famous and exclusive event locations in Paris.
During the event, there was a short introduction by Martijn, the CEO of Metaseum, and an announcement by Alexis, the president of the Aquarium. After, the collection officially launched. It was the perfect opportunity for Web 3 enthusiasts to network, surrounded by mesmerising sea life and to grab a drink at the jellyfish bar. Our team was throughout the whole

Sneak Peek

With Love for the Webflow Community With Love for the Webflow Community
The Aquarium de Paris was the first aquarium in the world to open its doors in the physical world in 1867. In the caves of the Aquarium, Napoleon used to hide his troops.

The next big step of the project is to also be the first aquarium in the world to open its doors in the metaverse. To achieve this goal, we have already started developing the metaverse space. Have a look at the exterior of the building below. We will share updates and sneak peeks from the interior on our Discord channel. The metaverse space will launch in October 2023.
"Since I was young, I have always been a fan of aquariums and dreamed of having a large aquarium in my home. Today, working for the oldest public aquarium in the world, creating a one of a kind NFT collection, is a true accomplishment for me."

- Martijn van Schaik, CEO Metaseum
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